Sunday, September 02, 2007

How to turn your phone's camera into a Webcam

Well .. first your read the title it's kind of exciting ! Turning your phone's camera into a webcam is no more a thought of a crazy chat addict .. Well to say the truth, this kind of tricks make us save some money .. Nevertheless, your phone's camera is more "dynamic" than a webcam ; you can move all around the place, you can take your friends in a walk around the house.. your no more a slave the chair! The only thing you need is a bluetooth dongle and everything should work properly !
Let's see how it works :
Now enough talking.. let's get that thing working on our phone!
For the s60 1st edition: the "FLYCAM"

Nokia 3230
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6620
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6670
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia 7610

For the s60 3nd edition : "Mobiola"

Nokia 3250
Nokia 5500d
Nokia E50
Nokia E70
Nokia N71
Nokia N73
Nokia N80
Nokia N91
Nokia N92
Nokia N93
Hopefuly you enjoy it !

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