Friday, September 21, 2007

Tips for a new blogger...

The fact of making money from your blog is very motivating, isn't it? It's by putting ads in your blog and get paid for clicks like the Adsense program. But it doesn't seem as simple as that ! Because you will face the biggest Blogger challenge : Traffic !

Once you start blogging, don't expect to have dozens of visitors to read your posts and put some comments. Simply because you are unknown in this large network. Imagine that there are millions of people writing about the same subject as you. So how can you beat them first to the visitor? Do not feel that pessimistic, it's hard but not impossible! There are some tips to follow and the job will be a piece of cake.

1- Choose your blog main theme :
Just choose the nearest subject to you. Something you love talking about or you're addicted to ... that will help !! If you are a Football addict and Sport is what you like telling to you friends why don't you write about it. If you have some professional skills in some fields why don't you share it with others.. (gardening tips, cooking riecepees, computer skills ....) Something you're good at, and you can talk about it. Just don't talk about everything and nothing ! It will disturb the visitor...

2- Be Brief, clear and Informative :
Statistics has shown that Internet users are quick readers. They don't stick so long with the page.. If they don't get what they want they will click on X or get back to research page to find something else. Unless you attract them with good content ; brief, informative posts. Just get directly to the point, don't make long introductions and avoid useless chattering. Express yourself! write as you talk, because your communication with the reader counts to attract him and make him come again. Post regularly because quantity counts.

3- Help your readers :
It's by giving them some important links, be generous to show your source of information and anything that could enlarge the subject you deal . Use every way possible to explain : pictures, graphs...

4- A nice layout:
Don't disturb your reader with colorful background and don't make your pages too sad either.

This is just for the beginning and you will see more detailed tips to make your own successful blog.

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