Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dell is selling computers operated by Ubuntu Feisty Fawn !

After an "Ideastorm" made by Dell in their blog, costumers asked for ubuntu for their new computers and notebooks.. Dell responded to enthusiastic Linux users and started to buy Ubuntu equipped products in USA, than expanded it to reach UK, Germany and France.

Dell today unveiled two consumer PCs in Europe – the Inspiron 6400n and the Inspiron 530n – with the Ubuntu 7.04 Linux operating system factory installed. Available now in the United Kingdom, Germany and France, the systems are Dell’s first steps to meet the needs of the Linux enthusiast community outside of the United States.
As it seems to be a Wild decision, but there are many reasons behind it. First of all, the industry of I.T hardware is disappointed with Microsoft new Operating system: Windows Vista . Actually that what Acer superiors said.. and dell has just proved this disappointment with acts: changing the Dell's OS ! Second, a OpenSource Lisence will help to decrease the price of the product because when we buy a hardware with Windows installed in we pay for both the hardware and the expensive software ! Third : the fact of buying Linux equipped hardware is a publicity for Dell, because it will take the headlines of I.tech newspapers for weeks !

Personly, i see that as another stab for Microsoft.. an implicit message telling them that they're not the biggest monopole anymore and if they want a product that sells they have to try harder !!

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