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SEO tips : A good keyphrase choice is the key of a successful content

Are you tired from not being relevant to search engines. Are you spending a lot of time on writing but Google still not paying you back? These are some SEO tips that you should follow in every post you make. It's about developing a rich text with primary keywords.
Making a quality content is the main bloggers' concern. They use their writing skills to make a post that makes them feel satisfied... But for search engines ugly posts could rank first! How to prevent that from happening?

Choose your primary keyphrase.
You have just to ask yourself : what am I blogging the most about ? What ever the answer is , You will concentrate your work on ways to make your posts relevant to people on search engines results.. Put yourself in the surfer's shoes, what would you type in the google search bar to get informations about what you're blogging. Actually you should have done that during your long searches in blogs and websites to collect informations for your future posts. So you had a contact with the ranking issue and you visited your competitors (those who deal with the same subject as you). Your future goal is to make your URL rank before them for a certain keyword search. Go type this word in the Overture keyword suggestion tool . If you're blogging about "travel" type the word in it and after some seconds you'll recieve most popular keyphrases about your theme.

Two keyphrases strategies :
Once you get most popular keyphrases you have to choose between promoting your blog with the highest keyphrases and compete with well ranked blogs and websites. Or stick with lower one and try to get the first page as soon as possible. The challenge here is competition. You have to choose between ranking in the third page of google result for the most popular keyphrase or rank in the first page with non-popular one. Now it depends on your ambitions. If you have a long breath to make a long living blog, If you have the courage and the motivation to struggle in the keyword war, pick out most popular keyphrases and get to work !!

Smart coding... cater to spiders !!
Search engines use spiders to crawl your pages, 'read' your content and pick out relevant keyword. So you better read your post with the spider's eyes ! How?
<>keyphrase < / title >Spiders read from up to top. First the read the title of your page, that means what is between the title's html tag : make sure your keyphrase appear in it. Other tags are very important like <> emphasis < / em> , <> bold < / b > and <> strong < / strong > . Spiders aren't blind !! they detect blod caracters and italic etc... They detect paragraphs too, so you better break you text into paragraphs and use your keywords in it. Spiders read from the top down so you better not be late to reveal your what you're talking about : put your keyphrases at the beginning and avoid long introductions.
Spiders consider your linking and the way you describe the objects you're putting in your page ( images) so you should put the right html tag for it :

If you're linking to other site do not just put their domain name, describe the content you're linking to. example : instead of putting < title = "" href = " / "> < / a > you'd better put < title = "best keyphrases tips " href = " "> how to improve your keyword with seochat < / a >

If your're putting a picture, rename it in order to fit your content. don't let the default name put by your camera or as you download it. for example instead of putting :
< alt = "my best photos" src = "http:photo008.jpg "> put < alt = " best travel photo in hawaï trip " src= " hawaibestphotos.jpg "> That will certainly help you getting more visitors through google images search.

Beware!! A double edged weapon
If you get lost in stuffing you're text with keywords it will end up with one of the worst webmaster's nightmare : getting banned by search engines.
If your text contain keywords more than 5% of it that will be considered as SPAMMING !! Search engines will put a filter to decrease your ranking for these keywords and will end up sooner or later with banning your URL form showing up in their pages!

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