Saturday, October 28, 2006

Good bye tears

For three happy years
She was always wiping my tears
Fighting my fears
She’s my lovely sister
But the time is going faster
I won’t be with her no more
I won’t be happy as before

At any time, without hesitation
She reads and corrects perturbation
In my sicking piece of poetry
She won’t be erased from my memory
How will I support the pain
without her in my lane?
I didn’t thought that I would cry
And a piece of me would die
When she runs and flies
Kissing me good bye

My friend, my dear
You have nothing to fear
I know you‘re going nowhere
Forget about it, don’t care
I’m so sorry
To make you worry
Please forgive my foolishness
That’s an obvious carelessness

A precious tear

NO! Don’t let this tear drop out from your eyes
Don’t care about their lies
Their pathetic rumours
That spread in the world like tumours

They don’t deserve you as a friend
The joy you make wherever you land
Angels belong to the sky
It’s high time you fly
Spread your wings and don’t be shy

There is nothing in the world worth you cry for
Whatever the pain soar
Just wait for love to knock on your door
Then joy will be you sky and your floor


Somebody is waiting
To get in

Even if he doesn’t
He swear
That for the rest of his life will stay there
Just to fight your fear
And wipe your precious tear


This is the secret which I can’t hide anymore
It make me confused, don’t know what I ‘m looking for
I can’t stop looking for you, I don’t know why
When I find you I loose my tongue, I become so shy
Maybe because I love staring to your eyes
Your skin sparkles more when the sun shines
Such pretty face, such pretty smile
That makes me numb for a while
I can’t bear the shine in your eyes
We should find a compromise
To let me dive in the dark sparkling ocean
And in your heart, I get a promotion
I can’t bear the look of you silky hair
Hanged like a murder, that’s not fair
It should be free, teased by the air
Treated like a queen’s hair