Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Acer is disappointed with Vista !

"The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista" Said Mr. Gianfranco Lanci the Acer president..
Actually, he publicly attacked Micorsoft and its new product : Windows Vista !
He seems angry ? What makes him so upset !?
In fact, he just realized that Windows Vista will motivated nobody to buy a new PC ! How is that ? Windows Vista requires a high level of hardware .. People prefer to spend less to buy a computer ( less than 1000$) and stick with Windows XP which still better than Vista in the eyes of many consumers of Microsoft products.. In fact, many hardware manufactures will stick with buying PCs and Laptops with XP installed !! It's just how custumors like it ...
Windows Vista has the image of a slow operating system with heavy graphics and requires a huge RAM and Graphic card memory to run applications.... Even Acer president sees that it still immature operating system when he said "Stability is certainly a problem".

In the other hand, Windows Vista still a best seller in the history of Microsoft.. the sold over 20 million copy in the first 100 days compared by 17 millions for windows XP in the same period of appearance of XP.. but these statistics can be misleading because this growth of sells doesn't match the growth of hardware sells that jumped up since 2004..

In conclusion, things aren't getting any better for Microsoft, and personnly I'm getting one more proof that "windows sucks" !!

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