Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Firefox Security add-ons

When it comes to security, Firefox is the best browser. Not only because of the way that browser is built and how fast all bugs were fixed in it, but also because of its add-ons. Security add-ons are very effective to detect viruses before download, stop any sort of malicious scripts that could be injected to your computer. It also advice you which site you should avoid in order to be away from any bad cookies that could come from it.

Dr.Web anti-virus checker
This add-on will put an end to your doubts. If you're hesitating whether to download a file found on the Internet or not. You have just to check it with this add-on if it's virus-free or if it's infected.

IT blocks Java and javascript form being executed only for trusted websites. It's very effective against XSS attacks (cross-site scripting attacks).

Mcfee Site advisor
It allows you to identify potentially dangerous websites. Mcfee rely on a bot that download files from websites and check if there are any malware.. It uses a small bar in your browser that turns into green if the site is clean, Yellow: if you have to be careful and RED if the website is potentially dangerous.

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Anonymous said...

There is also Secure Login:

"Secure Login

A Mozilla Firefox login extension similar to Opera's Wand login.

It uses the built-in password manager, but deactivates the prefilling of login forms.
Instead, you are now able to login with one click or a keyboard shortcut.
Just add the Secure Login toolbar button to your toolbar, or use the provided statusbar icon.

If you hover over one of the icons, a tooltip is shown, displaying the login url and the number of available logins (users).
For more than one user or login forms on the current page a selection prompt is displayed on login.

You have the option to play sound notifications (*.wav) for found login data on the current page or when logging in.

All the options can be changed using the Secure Login settings page.
The settings page can be opened via the Secure Login tools menu, the Secure Login statusbar icon context menu or via the list of installed extensions.

Secure Login provides you with a number of security enhancements
and helps protecting you from phishing."