Monday, March 16, 2009

How to make vi colorful on xubuntu

We started to study shell programming in school and we use VI to code some scripts. I noticed that all my colleagues using vi on ubuntu are very irritated and seem to envy their friends who use VI on Fedora 10 because it's very easy to use and colorful, it helps to detect syntax errors. Some of my friends started to regret installing Ubuntu instead of Fedora and even blamed me for recommending it. As an Ubuntu fan I looked for a solution for this tiny problem. I won't accept any lame remark about Ubuntu !! you need a colorful VI ? Here you are !

1- You have to install VIM which is "vi Improved" just tape this code in your console:

sudo apt-get install vim

2- After installing it you have to edit a file () and uncomment a parameter. To do so first you have to turn into root so type su and enter your root password:

then change this file mode for writing (so you can change its content)

chmod +w /etc/vim/vimrc

no open this file using vi if you want and uncomment syntax on. i.e erase the (") before syntax on in line 20.
vi /etc/vim/vimrc
After doing that save changes and exit using :wq
try writing something, save it and re-open it and you will find your beautiful colorful script. ENJOY !!

Xubuntu and low performance machines : The perfect match !

When the machine gets old and becomes useless. You get short on options. You can't sell it because you are so emotionally attached to it and it doesn't worth that much and you can't run new applications on it because it can't afford them. But you can turn it into a beautiful workstation. Able to open your pdf documents, play your music and videos and does your office tasks... You need just a light operating system that doesn't consume much hardware resources.

I'm talking about a Linux system of course so you won't spend any dime on proprietary software and you can avoid the headaches of the anti-viruses and etc...
The choice was : xubuntu .

I installed xubuntu 8.04 on my Compaq Armada notebook. This notebook is really a disaster running with WinXP but not bad with Windows 2000 and this is its configuration :
Intel Pentium III 750 MHz
64 MB Ram
20 Go hard disk

Pathetic isn't it ? But it was all I had when I needed a Linux system for my SHELL programming courses. I downloaded the Xubuntu which is an ubuntu distribution designed for low performance machines and it was just perfect. The graphics were nice and simple. Most of the applications run properly. The execution of the system in the start up doesn't take much time.
You can see down here the "system monitor" and how xubuntu is using the ressources of the machine.