Sunday, September 23, 2007

Web analytics tools... Why?

Every webmaster has to know how many visitors he has, Where do they come from, what are the keywords that they're using to get into his website... These kind of informations are vital to promote your website !

How to exploit my web analytics tool ?

If your visitors used Google and they opened your website. You'd better know which keyword did they use to get into your website. Then develop content about these keywords so you can be in first pages in google search results.

Second, your web analytic tool presents the browsers that your visitors are using, If most visitors are using firefox you'd better have pages that suits it. Probebly new browser will show up.. so you have to get ready to have your pages suiting all browser by following W3C rules.. The same thing with Operating systems, if you're talking about software you should offer something for both Windows and Linux users for example. That's how you'll win more visitors.. Your web analytic tool can inform you about the resolution of the monitor too... So you better have pages to suit that..

Geolocalisation : Be more close to your visitors..
Your Web analytics tool shows the nationality of your visitors.. you should follow your visitor's most concerns and issues.. If most of them are from Asia and you're posting news you'd better not to have detailed info about another part of the world! And if you presenting a service you should give informations about locations suiting your visitor's nationality..

Is there a tool that can present all these informations ??
Yes! and it's free too.. It's XITI 7.. you have just to create an account and put javascript in your pages.. It's very effective.. the graphics are cool.. the informations are detailed. I recommend it to every Webmaster.

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Pam Hoffman said...

That is great information!

I'm wondering though. What does 'W3C rules' mean? I've never heard that before.

I'll stop by again to learn more, I'm really glad I found your blog!

Pam Hoffman