Saturday, September 15, 2007

Best free antiviruses... safety shouldn't cost a dime!!

There a lot of computer users who don't feel the threat of viruses.. I have friends telling me all the time that "Anti-viruses are useless. I've been using computer for years and I've never been infected by one ! why should I get one ! They just slow down my start Up... " . If you share this view, believe you are facing a lot of troubles. The Virus infection does not have explicit symptoms but once they get activated you'll be just shocked for have your system not turning on .. or behaving oddly..Specially if you're an Internet user.. Your safety won't cost a dime ! just download these free tools and set them up in your computer..

Free tools... doesn't sound like : "not enough" ?
The answer is NO ! Famous and expensive anti-viruses are not that reliable !
There is rule in picking an anti-virus : " Never pick the most famous one " why? because if you put yourself in the Virus creator shoes ; your first aim of creating a virus is to infect the greatest number of machines so you'll create a virus that can defeat the most famous anti-viruses ! So, free and unknown anti-viruses can do a better job !!
Actually.. You'll need an Anti-virus, Anti-spyware and a Firewall..

Anti-virus: AVG Anti-virus Free :

I tried it, it's very efficient, not heavy and easy to run.. it will protects you from viruses, worms and Trojans ( the feature-limited freeware version is enough to keep you away from troubles.

An anti-spyware.. ewido..
it searches for spyware (programs allows their creators to get into your system, spy your private data..) it's free and a little bit hard to update but very efficient.

Firewall : all in one secretmaker
It's kind of shield against intrusion attempts by spy and adware. Most of users recommend Zonelabs firewall. I was using it and i got infected by a Dialer while this firewall was perfectly working.. I just experienced his failure.. until I found this tool. This firewall is too suspicious !! he asks about every program trying to attempt to connect to Internet.
Home page

A secret weapon !!
After BMW, I was never been fascinated by a German product as this piece of art : Hijackthis ! It allows you to find nasty programs discretely running in your computer and "hijack them !!" but be careful what to choose to hijack because there will be no way to get it back ! It's simple .. after scanning your disk the program will gives you a logfile.. You have just to copy and paste it in the Textbox of Hijackthis home page and it will tells you what are the most threating programs to hijack.

Home page

"Prevention is better than cure"
First,to prevent your computer from such viruses, you need to put your firewall always on, scan your computer regularly and "clean" your computer from tracking cookies and other spyware with this tool.

Second, you need to use a safe browser : Firefox of course !

Third, be careful while you download files, specially with P2P programs... never open attached files in unknown emails.

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