Monday, September 03, 2007

Pro6 hacks: get new changes in your favourite football game

The world of football is so dynamic ; Players are moving around, new stars are showing and new talents growing everyday.. So how can you make your game be up to date without spending money to buy new versions or spending more time in the "edit mode". We found a hack in the Internet that makes it easier.

1-change the formation of the clubs:
To get along with new transfers you have just to download this option file and paste it in its folder
example: C:\my documents\KONAMI\save\folder1
Let's take the most important transfer for the season 2007/2008 in Spain for an example : Henry in Barcelona!

2-Get new football stadiums:
about 500 new stadium

3-Get new face looks :

Some players' faces aren't really well painted in this game ..Let's take Frank Ribery for an example:

4- Get new hair cuts:

1st Link
2nd Link

5- Get new clubs:
as River Plate, Sao Paulo, Boca Juniors

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