Friday, September 28, 2007

Intel developer forum : new technolgies on the way ..!

Three times per year, Intel organizes The Intel Developer Forum. The IDF is an opportunity for Intel to announce her future products in front of developers. Last IDF took place from 18th to 20th of september in San Francisco- USA. This forum has announced several novelties :

Laptops without fans..
This is one of the most innovating technologies announced in the Intel developer forum. The laptop manufacture Compal presented a new way of coolness system for laptops completely independent from ventilators. Until now, laptops using this technology can't support processors consuming more than 10 Watts. The same for PCpokets. Thanks to their new system, Compal maid possible to extend this energy consumption amount to 17 Watts allowing laptops to have more power for better processors with no ventilation. For processors consuming more than 17 Watts a hybrid coolness system is needed using both ventilator and radiator.
Although the compal coolness system increases the laptop weight, it has many advantages : it reduces noise and protect the computer from shocks and it remarkably saves energy.

USB 3.0 ... Coming soon
USB 3.0 promoters, as Intel,HP,Nec and Microsoft found the IDF the perfect opportunity to announce the USB 3.0
It's planned to be released in the first half of 2008. The new USB is intended to reach the 5 GB/s speed. For the notice, the actual USB is limited to 480 Mb/s. So promoters are intending to multiply this speed by ten !!
This speed increase will be based on using a second fiber-optic channel in the usb port. The new device is intended to be compatible with USB 2.0 and of course the speed will be limited to the USB 2.0 version.

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