Friday, September 07, 2007

A useful Firefox extention : Foxycode

What is your text editor.. MS. Word? ...OpenOffice Writer ? imagine that you have all the tools you want in your Browser .. Helping you typing and editing texts in forms ... Like those in Wikipedia ( using WikiCode) or in ordinary forums (using BBcode for example )...

The author's Overview:

FoxyCode is an extension for Firefox, Mozilla’s Web browser. This extension offers you many ways to insert advanced tags into your forms in order to format easily your posts in forums and blog. FoxyCode supports 5 languages:

  • BBCode
  • NCode
  • WikiCode (WikiMedia/DokuWiki)
  • ZCode

FoxyCode appears either as a context menu, or in the form of a toolbar. The context menu is a heritage from other extensions like BBCodeXtra. Toolbar is a more innovative concept which offers an access even faster to insertion functions. It is particularly useful in quick reply forms where there are no javascript functions to insert tags.

In addition to basic functions like centered text, bold and italic, FoxyCode offers you functions enabling youto insert combinations of tags, like a centered image with a clickable link, and this, in only some clicks, as the screen shows it hereafter.

You can get this extension for free here.

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