Sunday, September 23, 2007

Every Webmaster's nightmare !

It's just frustrating ! because building a website is like raising a baby : you feed him with good content, you register his "name" in directories.. and you'll have this emotional relation with your website specially if you start communication with others through it or when you get credits about your work. You'll even get angry and furious if you start to make a living with it.
I'm having problems writing this article because it's really a nightmare for me as a webmaster if some of these events could happen to me. What this nightmare is about ? and could we prevent it from becoming true?

The worst nightmare : being Hacked !

Imagine that one day you open you homepage and you find this black page informing you that you're hacked. You'll certainly have black clouds everywhere you look!! All your work : coding, writing articles, advertising, submitting into directories, communicating with visitors... all these hours of hard work will just vanish away ! Follow these tips in order to prevent this disaster from happening !

Second nightmare : Your server has lost your website data !
Most newbie webmasters choose the free webhosting.. but they don't know that they're putting theirselves under the mercy of the webhoster.. Once the server is full and the need more space for paid webhosting they'll just announce : " We had a problem with the server we lost your website data" and you'll have nothing to do about it ! So if you think about making a long living website you should think about paid webhosting..

Third nightmare : Getting banned in search engines
When it comes to this point, you're just getting what you deserve ! If you get banned by google that means that you maid something bad ! Being banned from google is like slowly killing your website. Because the visitors number will decrease and the whole thing will collapse like fall leafs..
Learn how not to get banned by search engines..

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