Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Microsoft in numbers

Microsoft, The biggest software industry on earth ! I think every computer user used a Microsoft product at least once. What about taking a brief review about this huge company!

Creation : 1975 in Redmond USA by Bill Gates.
Staff : 79,000 employees in 102 countries, 60% in USA.

Industry :
Computer software: Windows presents 92% of the operating system market. It has other products like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Servers, Developer tools...
Microsoft has other interests away from software, like the Internet industry ( Research engine and directory ; Microsoft Network) , In the world of Media with the channel MSNBC. It has other activities in hardware industry like constructing the famous Game console : Xbox.

Financial Status :
Revenue : US $51.12 billion (2007)
Operating income : US $18.52 billion (2007)
Net Income : US $14.06 billion (2007)

Website: www.microsoft.com
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Pam Hoffman said...

That reminds me...

Something I've been wondering for awhile - how many users are on what kind of machines?

My thinking is that you optimize your website for the majority of users on the most popular machine.

For example, if I wanted to add video to a blog post. Will it be veiwable by the majority of visitors?

I know that most video doesn't work for me. I'm on an older machine though. Do most people run out and buy the very latest machines and software after every new revision?? Or do they hang on to their machines for a long time, like I have?

Anything you can find out about this would be terrific!

Thanks for the great info,

Pam Hoffman