Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why should we use firefox ?

How many navigators do we have to try until we find "the one"?.. And how many time do we have to risk our most vital informations while surfing the net ?.. I'm hearing everyday about new technics of hacking VIA our navigators.. It's called the " fishing "... using injection in our navigators that brings our confidential data to the hacker's hand.
A way to prevent that ? Just use a reliable navigator that's all!

Well.. the security issue is the main problem with the navigators but it's not the only thing ! Actually we need a browser which has some extra features that make our Internet use more fluid and funny ... Actually the fact that Firefox is an OpenSource software made everybody able to take part of developing new features and Add-ons .. and I think that these addons made Firefox so special ! Imagine that You have a text-editing tool bar compatible with BBcode and W3, a mp3 player integrated with the navigator, a spell-check with any language you want, a RSS feed container and more... Nevertheless, tabs allow one browser window to contain multiple pages!

Setting up Firefox takes five minutes (and it's free!). The installation imports all your bookmarks, settings, etc. from Internet Explorer. After installing, you can download add-ons from the official site.
Are you convinced?... now what you've got to do is to is to get Firefox from the link on the right of this blog !

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