Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thoughts about Google's online storage service : Google Drive

Wall street journal has revealed that Google is preparing to announce a new online storage service. This service will allow users to upload their data on google's servers and use whenever they want.
Google Drive will be compatible with PC and mobile phones. All files will be accepted : documents, music, films, pictures.. etc. Google's challenge is to make this service available all the time so they won't give the user a hard time! Google is planning to make it easy to access to the service and there will be some fees on unlimited storage. Yahoo and Microsoft have the same service but Google's project will be definitely bigger.

Some critics around the upcoming service mainly about the illicit uploads. In the opposite side some privacy defenders are upset with manipulating the users data. Some will be sent and never seen again!

Just to answer those. Google had it all : mails, photos, address book and blogs what the difference would it make if he gets our data too?! This keeps me wondering again :" Is Google a monopoly?"

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