Sunday, November 25, 2007

PHPBoost for web newbies

PHPBoost is an Open Source CMS dedicated to Web newbies, developed by a member of the francophone SDZ programming community. This CMS can be a solution for people who wish to make a dynamic website without having any PHP programming experience. Thus, newbies can install it in few clicks and easily edit their content via the Framework given by PHPboost.
These are the main criteria of PHPboost 2.0 :

  • GNU/GPL liscence.
  • strict and semantic xhtml 1.0 code
  • Multilingual
  • Easy to edit ; contains many themes and templates
  • Good users management ( groups...roles..)
  • Url rewriting
  • Automated updates

Although you can create your own design thanks to the templates system, the addons given by the CMS are enough to resond to all you needs. There is also a good documentation (fr) to help you.

try PHPboost

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