Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fedora 8 full review.. an art piece !

Fedora fans waited long five months to receive the new Fedora 8 distribution named "WereWolf". Developers worked on making a fedora a more stable and secure distribution and tried to make the use of Linux simpler and easier to Linux newbie. And this is a review of its newest features :

Codec Buddy (aka codeina) :

Fedora doesn't put any of protected codecs by copyright. The problem was that the user has to install it on his own. What is not always simple for most users. This is why Codec buddy was made for. To help installing what you need so you can listen MP3 and watch movies without making a drama of it..

Fedora 8 has integrated the last sound server. The main goal behind that is to offer audio addicts a better integration of new sound technology. Like decrease sound notifications while watching a movie.

System-config-firewall :
A better Firewall configuration. Easy to install with step by step setup.

System-config-selinux :
From now on, the configuration of SELinux is independent from the Firewall. Pepole seem to be very impressed with this new SElinux because it seemed very innovative and original.

System-config-printer :
The printer management system is better. It automatically make the waitinh line list. This modification is very helpful because users complained too much about it.

Java Support with IcedTea :
A Java system totally free developed by RedHat. This edition is only for 32 and 64 bits systems. IcedTea exclusively include an implementation of a web based code of gcjwebplugin with a new security management system.

NetworkManager 0.7 :
Completly rewritten in order to satisfy new networks as WiFi, providing a speedy connection and a better integration thanks to API Dbus and WPA for WiFi.

Extended laptops compatibility :
Thanks to "Smolt" software. Development crews focused on the "Standby mode" problems as the "Suspend to Ram" and the "Suspend to Disk".

Package management:
Pirut, the package management, had many modifications to satisfy many users' request. The new Pirut will make package setup easier specially for new users.

Fedora 8 Themes :
With every new Fedora version we find a new theme. The last one had some modifications titled " Nodoka ". The Wallpaper is softer titled "Infinity". Buttons and windows has also changed. The most original about this theme is the wallpaper. Its color change during the day progressively from blue in the morning to smooth purple in the evening.

Virtual mode :
it's a mode of use progressively increasing the number of its users. F8 developers focused on the security issue. In fact, thanks to the integration of a new library it's possible to encode the SSH/TLS format inorder to make access more secure. Other graphic modifications of the virt-manager made it more clear and compatible with the newest system functionalities.

FEL (Fedora Electronic Lab) :
This product was developed by the embedded crew. It's goal is to integrate a huge number of application dedicated to professional electronic developers in order to make a LIVE-CD dedicated to universities.

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