Saturday, November 17, 2007

Laptop autonomy problems ... no qualified batteries to satisfy the costumer needs

For all laptop users you must have felt what I feel ! The autonomy issue that all mobile computers users are bitching and moaning about. The laptop batteries are an obstacle to fullfill the meaning of a mobile computer because you will not be able to spend the whole day without charging you laptop's battery !
A little hope .. we heard about Intel and Panasonic working on a 12hour battery two years ago but still see nothing on the market..
Instead of being a part of a crazy race of speedy processors I think that hardware constructors should have taken care of autonomy issue and be closer to satisfy the user's needs.
The American military technology laboratory has made a new invention which is a 30 years continuous power without a single recharge ! Using semiconductors and radioactive materials an energy source. So this is an extreme solution because people don't want to be infected by their radioactive laptop battery. I think they will stick with the electric wire !

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Acer Laptop Batteries said...

I believe that there is much better technology that is not being taken advantage of. Nikola Tesla had invented enough free energy technologies that We should be able to drive around the cities free of electric charging and/or gas. I believe that our "technological improvements" of today are all just simple technologies that were invented in the early 1900s and are only being released to us out of greed.