Thursday, November 08, 2007

Best Digg strategy to hit the first page !

You always wonder how do people get dugg that much! After some days i figured out how to get some extra diggs and it's time to share it.

1- You should have friends.. a lot of them.. let say about 1000 friend on digg and let's hope you're using a junk mail for shouts notification or you'll have to unsubscribe from it. Having a lot of friends will allow you to broadcast your post to many people. So once you post your article on digg click on "share" and shout it to everybody.

2-So what you should say to your friends when you shout you should say something to urge your friend to digg your post. Let me tell you that : diggers are very lazy ! They find responding to your shout and digging your article is exhausting specially when they feel that they'll get nothing in return. So you should :

  • Make a clue to the content of your post and tell your friends it's interesting and you should take a look
  • Tell them that you will digg them back if they digg your post.
  • Be nice, don't be pushy and don't forget to say "Hello.. please... thanks etc..."

3- You should add recent diggers. New diggers don't have friends and they will feel excited to have people interested in them and they will do everything you ask until they'll discover the "truth". Because diggers who have more than 1000 friend won't respond to shouts. Because they recieve hundreds every day and they won't waste their time with them.

Following these steps you will get valuable diggs that could allow you to hit the first popular page. Just to mention that traffic coming from is a quality traffic because you'll receive only interested readers and that means an extension of your audience.

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