Saturday, November 24, 2007

Successful bloggers full story : Bryan Clark

I think it's encouraging to tell you some stories of successful bloggers. If they can do it so do you. I won't be talking about those blogging "superstars" as John Chow and others like him.. I will be talking about people who started from scratch and were so determinant to achieve their goals. I'm talking about somebody who were able to make a great success in a really short period of time. It's Bryan Clark with the "One Man's Goal" blog. Bryan's goal intended to create a respectable income by being a full time blogger within 365 days and after only four months he sold his blog for $8,500 !!

  • One Man’s Goal was 4 months old
  • Pagerank 4
  • Over 10,000 backlinks
  • 1,500 daily pageviews
  • 750-1,000 daily unique visitors
  • $941.27 Last Month
  • SOLD for $8,500
niche was about blog monetization. Traffic sources were mainly from social bookmarking sites, specially Stumble Upon. Monetization methods were from direct advertising, paid posts and adsense. Bryan Clark was so active and able to post one quality article per day. His writing style is original and able attract readers.
The blog was put on auction in site point and sold to Austin Long. You may be wondering why he put so much money in such young blog? Let me tell you that Austin was intelligent because he gained a loyal audience that he probably couldn't create it and his investment will give its fruits soon.

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Bryan said...

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you found my blog... Keep checking in, I value all of my readers greatly.