Monday, November 19, 2007

A lot of noise around Peer-to-Peer

As many of Internet users were so excited to use the file sharing system P2P. Many producers find it very difficult to live with such network by considering it a violation to their copyright. Some universities are paying money to cut P2P from their network and investing in producing anti-P2P software.

Today, the university uses a nearly $60,000 software and hardware package from Audible Magic to stop file sharing on its network and pays about $16,000 for support, maintenance and regular database updates that allow the system, called CopySense, to detect newly released music.

Peer to peer has another problem with traffic filtering efforts and data control. Comcast is having some accusations about manipulating data floods and bandwith and cut roads to P2P.
Comcast denies it has blocked any traffic outright, but admits to using "network management" techniques to handle the rising tide of peer-to-peer traffic, and thereby maintain service for all of its other customers

Will we see some regulations forbidding using this network ? We know that there are giant proprietary software makers which aren't very comfortable with P2P and they are very powerful and can easily create any rule they won't.

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