Friday, November 09, 2007

Eee PC ... everybody walks with a laptop

It was in the 16th of October 2007 when Asus has announced its new Eee PC.
It's considered as a UMP computer ( Ultra-Mobile Personnal Computer ). A UMPC is a small laptop with a screen of 7" to 10". UMPC arent' very famous because they used to be very expensive until this new Eee PC which could make a revolution of the UMPC market because Asus made this computer to make it accessible to everybody with low prices. The price should be between 200$ and 300$.
Eee PC is and abreviation of « Easy to learn, work, and play, Excellent Internet experience and Excellent mobile computing experience ». There 4 versions of Eee PC for the moment Eee PC 8G, Eee PC 4G, Eee PC 4G Surf and Eee PC 2G Surf and They have in common the following caracteristics :

  • Screen of 7"
  • weight : 920 gr
  • Distribution : Linux Xandros. a Windows XP compatible
  • Micorphone.

The diffrence between these versions is the memory capacity and the integrated camera in PC 8G and PC 4G. The PC is able to establish a WiFi connection as well.
The release of This laptop will be in mid novembre in United States.

Ok you may be wondering : "who made this device? Asus ? I've never heared about that name before !!"
Asus or ASUSTEK is an enterprise made by 4 engineer ACER. Asus is a hardware constructer It made graphic cards and several ships for computer.
Asus has many innovations in the hardware field like the " AUDIO DJ " that allows PC to play audio VD even if the computer is shut down. Asus is the author of the «Artificial Intelligence Non-delay Overclocking System» named "AI NOS" for overclocking CPU.

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