Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Coming soon.. Google announcing its first open source Mobile OS

This is considered as a big step in the software industry. This mobile OS will be OpenSource in order to allow developers to hook into specefic hardware features In exchange Google will put some specefic ads. Moreover, Google will integrate his web services in it as Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps.

The new OS will have impacts in the mobile OS market. Specially because of being Open source and that will attract most developers those who will work on add-ons and some creative applications. Second, the new OS will be compatible for most applications and will allow any code contrarely to other OS which block competing software and prevent it from running.

This OS is having great echoes arround the world, specially with handset markers and carriers. LG is working on a hardware that will suit the OS. Implementing the software in most hardware will take time.. Google won't rush to launch the full Software because the longer he waits the better the software will be. It has to suit ever kind of device so they will be sure that the OS will be a great success.

I think Google is taking the Open source / proprietary software war to the mobile front. My predictions for this software that it will follow the Firefox model. It will attract the attention of some creative developpers and they will make some astonishiing apps that will attract the crowd and make them install it on their phones. I guess that some constructers won't accept to buy their products with Google's software with it because of their attachements with giant mobile software developers ( such as Symbian) but that won't be a problem since hacks are made to make able to format and setup the software with out losing the hardware capabilities.

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