Saturday, October 13, 2007

Monetize your blog with Smorty :

Most of bloggers are trying so hard to make money through their blogs. They keep on writing and trying to gain more traffic to capture a click or two on their text ads. Then they feel depressed when all these hours spent on that blog didn't pay well..
Now all that is just an old story ! With Smorty every post you write worth money. Smorty pays bloggers to write about a product and link back to its URL. It offers 6$ as a minimum for an article and that makes blogging a more efficient activity ! You can improve your earning through it once you promote your blog and make it get a better PageRank. Having a better blog can get you a 100$ per opinion post. What makes Smorty intresting is that they pay you weekly through your paypal account.

How does it work :
first of all, a PayPal account is obligatory to get your earnings. Then you submit your blog, after less than 72 hours they will inform you if your blog is approuved. Then you can log in and pick some tasks and write about them then submit for approval, it can take to 5 days to accept your post.

Smorty is useful for advertisers too. blog advertising is effective since it has loyal readers and a huge audience. So you can get real visitors and custumors if you are linked by someone who have credibility and several readers. You gain also important linkbacks that can improve your Pagerank. To advertise on blogs you are requierd to pay a minimum of 10$ per post. They higher amount you pay the better blogs you get linking for you.

In conclusion, I feel that Smorty is a heaven for newbie who want to get paid to blog and an efficient tool for advertisers. I highly recommend it for both bloggers and adervtisers.

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