Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shopping cart software : what you should know before you pick one !

Nowadays, E-commerce is marking huge development thanks to the flexibility of the ever-improving ecommerce software. Before we propose some solutions this is what every e-merchant should wonder about to make his business work :

It's the most important thing to care about. We don't want to have our bank accounts hacked or our products sent without any money in return. So a good shopping cart Software is a secure one.

Flexibility :
Your Shopping cart software should be easy to set up and to manage. Nice looking designs in order to attract costumers. Before you choose your Software view its testimonials. Make sure that it's Search engine Friendly so you can get your products more potential visitors.

Tech support and customer service :
You have to make sure you get assistance whenever you need it because you don't want to lose a customer for a simple technical bug!

Integration with banks :
Make sure that your Shopping cart software is integrated with major banks and can easily manipulate paying process with Paypal, Visa and Master Card.

It has to be affordable !
You don't want to have a big monster that cuts almost all your money for allowing you to sell on the net! Hosting fees should be small.

Recommended solution :
So we have to find a software that fits all these criteria and we recommend Ashop : an award winner shopping cart software which provides you several features.
The pricing is between $69/Month to $349/Month with a ten days free trial.

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