Sunday, October 14, 2007

Best Webmastering tools : Joomla! cms

Are you thinking about building a website but you don't have enough resources to hire a web developer and designer. You don't have to worry about anything anymore. Since Content managment systems are ever improving their features, everybody can manipulate cms and build his own website with magnificent designs ! One of the most powerful cms is "Joomla!" an Open Source and free cms, an award-winning (best Opensource cms 2006). Moreover Joomla have a lare helping community and easy tutorials.

What can this cms offer ?
It has many features. You can easily create your members accounts, manage uploaded files, nice gallery presentations. New extensions can be integrated to the cms allowing new functionalities such as the Wikibot : creates wikitags witch generate links to wikipedia articles. Not to mention that Joomla is coded in a friendly way with search engines.

Joomla! community
This is the first place where you should look if you have any problems. there are over 1,030,238 Posts in 204,419 Topics by 137,604 Members and counting !!It contains many topics in several languages.
Unofficilal sites offer affordable help bu buying ebooks and extentions. Joomla! has created arround her a huge community of paid and free assitance. The fact of being an OpenSource software made joomla improve rapidly and have over 1900 extentions !
Webhoster are offering new packs called " Joomla! packs" It's a dedicated webhosting service with free Joomla! assistance.

Joomla! book
let's be honest it's not free, but cheap. Among all ebooks this is the best one.

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