Friday, October 26, 2007

Every Linux fan must have : Revolution OS

It's a documentary about the birth of GNU/linux, Free Software and the Open Source mouvment. It contains interviews with the most important actors fo the revolution in the software industry as Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Bruce Perens, Eric Raymond, Brian Behlendorf, Michael Tiemann, Larry Augustin, Frank Hecker, and Rob Malda.

The film describes the whole stroy. From the first steps of Richard Stallman in Unix labs to the rise of the Open Source mouvment and its impact. It also explain the philosophy of the Free software mouvment and presents the Open Source definition.

The film illustre the war between both proprietary software partisants and opponents. Bill Gates's thoughts about free software and the impact of this philosophy on great firms like Netscape. As well as new type of firms of paid support and their great success.

I recommend this film to every fan of the Open Source mouvment. It's essential to understant the whole story. You can watch it in direct streaming or command a DVD.

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