Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thoughts on the new Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 : a revolutionary Ubuntu

"No summer vacations!" This is the least of what we can say about the work done by ubuntu developers, authors of the new Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10. The developers didn't wait so much after the great success of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and its integration with some dell products. Ubuntu developers were so determined to put the Beta version download link in the same day of the last release of Feisty fawn..

Ubuntu 7.10 features overview :

The new ubuntu seems to be revolutionary in many ways:

The desktop revolution
Gutsy Gibbon will be the first Ubuntu that uses the Compiz fusion desktop : a merged Compiz and Beryl porject which will be installed by default.It will also ship with it the latest version of GNOME 2.12.0 : actually the Ubuntu 7.10 BetaRelease was one week after the release of the new GNOME. Moreover, Kubuntu will be using KDE 3.5.7 the latest KDE desktop with the possibility of installing the KDE 4.0 RC2 packages. It will also use the new GNOME 2.12.0 . Actually the GG betaRelease was one week after the new GNOME release.

Better Hardware support :

It will use the Xorg 7.3 for a better Graphic card integration.
the new Kernel 2.6.22

First steps in the mobile world :
Powered by Intel, Ubuntu is walking with strong steps in the Mobile OS battle. We all know that the Linux's part in the Mobile market place is too small compared to the giants Symbian and Palm. Even Windows Mobile edition had some credits. So it's time for linux to get forward in this field. Intel want Ubuntu Os in her future mobile computing devices so they're collaborating to make some improvements and the new Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded edition is a good step so far.

Ubuntu Server edition :
Servers are the shining point of almost all Linux distributions. The new GG7.10 will empower his server with the " Novel's AppArmor security framework".

The coperation with giant hardware constructors (Dell and Intel) gived Ubuntu a great push forward. I think the future is hiding a better future for Linux specially in the Mobile Software.

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