Friday, December 28, 2007

Best Free C/C++ IDE

The first question to ask is what does a programmer need ?
To create an application you have to make sure that all these tools are available.

  • A Text editor : To write the code source ( of any language). Basically a simple software as "bloc-notes" under Windows or "vi" under Linux is enough. The best thing is to have an intelligent text editor that make your code colorful and make your codes more comprehensive and easier to read.
  • A Compiler : to compile your source code to binary code.
  • A debugger : To help you to correct the bugs in your code.
Programming demands a lot of effort and concentration and you have to pick the tools that can make your life easier! You can look for these components separately but this will be like torturing yourself! You should pick 3 in 1 software called IDE : Integrated development environment.

Best Free C/C++ IDEsBoth of them are free and simple which make of them the best tools for beginners.
Note that both work on Windows and only Code::Blocks can run on Linux. And for Windows vista users you should follow some particular procedures to set up thes IDE or else you'll face many bugs with compiling. Nevertheless, Visual Studio Express work correctly on Vista.
For mac users, I recommend "Xcode". You can install it from the CD of Mac OS.

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Srikanth said...

I would recommend TextMate for Mac users, but you are right XCode is the best available Free IDE.

May be they can use Eclipse even though it is a bit heavy.

Visual C++ 2008 Express edition is also a good C++ IDE if using windows.