Friday, December 21, 2007

12 Megapixels video cam... and more !!

astonished! this is how I was when I saw this "supacam"! You can call it the video cam of your dreams! I'll try to be brief so you can get its fabulous criteria easily:

  • 12GB VGA Streaming video
  • Tapeless digital movie cam
  • HD photo W/face detection
  • 15 X Zoom. 30fps @ D1 720x480
  • 6 HR personal Media player
You can get some of these extra accessories:
  • Water-proof case
  • Tripod
  • Remote control
  • Extra battery
  • Fast charge
  • Memory ( high speed SD )
It's a 12 Megapixels video cam. It means that you can make a DVD quality videos and stream it directly to the web using this cam! This cam contains a face detector so you can use it as a security cam for your baby. The Tripod allows you to use it as a web cam and the remote control will allow you to manipulate it easily for family home videos. It contains Flash and night shouting video!!
The price is $349
You can find it here

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mickie said...

Thank you! I have been torturing myself over which one to get and this one with the 12 megapx sounds great! Oh Santa...