Saturday, April 11, 2015

How to delete control+Q keyword shortcut from ubuntu

There is a very annoying keyword shortcut for those who have used both Azerty and Qwerty keyboards. Actually, it's the ctrl+q shortcut. Some old reflexes come back to me since I used to have a french keyboard and it happens that I want to select all content using ctrl+A but suddenly the whole application shuts down.

In order to delete this shortcut, You need to go to :

System > Preferences > Keyword

Add a new Ctrl+q shorcut to the /bin/false command.
if the keyword preference windows shuts down when you try to add the ctrl+q shortcut, try to add another one. ctrl+j would do.

Then use your console to navigate to :


and edit this xml file with gedit if you want and change the ctrl+j by ctrl+q.

Then you need to reboot to activate those changes.

That's all.

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