Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Web-Desktop Application for Network Monitoring and Alert Management.

Currently, computer networks are the backbone in the remote communication. Now they have become essential for the proper functioning of many domains and applications. Their rapid growth induces increased complexity of administration tasks and fault detection. Any problems or failure may have serious consequences forcing the use a system of monitoring and alert management.

The network monitoring has become therefore a major task not only the ensure the system retention and good functionality but also to have a global view on problems that may occur to prevent their appearance. As the task of the administrator is to ensure the smooth functioning of its network and manage heterogeneous devices, administrators were then forced in the past to work on a machine connected to the network which makes their task more difficult and may risk delaying critical tasks. Thanks to advances in technology and the evolution of the Web, this monitoring task has become more flexible.

In fact, the administrator is now able to monitor its network remotely via a web application that provides network monitoring and is capable of describing its condition and report alerts when this is necessary. Hence, it can remedy problems and resolve them as quickly as possible.

Indeed, this application starts with the automatic detection of network equipment (Routers, firewalls, terminal) which allows to draw the map showing equipment found to give the administrator a clear view on its network. The administrator can also predefine the annoying problems that which he judges to be important to be notified when they occur. Once one of these problems is encountered, an alert will reported to the administrator to inform him about the problem detected, its severity and its location so that he becomes able to correct it immediately.

The main objective of this project is to develop a web application for network monitoring and effective management of alerts. This application should be able to monitor services and network resources (routers, terminals). The following video is a demonstration of the project.

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